Kate Middleton forgetting to close bag causes biggest royal news of lifetime

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Kate Middleton became a topic of an animated discussion after apparently "forgetting" to close her handbag and revealing its contents.

The Duchess of Cambridge was attending the COP26 summit with her husband Prince William when she arrived in Glasgow, a tote bag under her arm, on November 1.

Kate's £645 Smythson Panama Ciappa East West Tote has been seen on royal trips before but what seemed to startle royal commentators was that it had been left open.

Larry Emdur, host of The Morning Show in Australia, said with a tongue-in-cheek tone: "In some of the biggest royal news in a lifetime, Kate Middleton has given us a rare glimpse inside her handbag."

Royal expert Angela Mollard defended Kate and said: "I don't think she's given us a rare glimpse, I think she forgot to zip it.

"She's got her laptop, she's got a ring binder with papers."

The columnist speculated on other items Kate might carry around with her, and revealed she worries about her face getting shiny while out in public.

She says: "Apparently, she always carries makeup and she of course carries blotting paper in case she gets shiny.

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"She's got three kids, I reckon there's also a packet of raisins and a muesli bar in there as well, don't you think?"

Larry joked Kate would be better off with a cheap handbag with velcro so the world wouldn't see her belongings.

Marcia Moody, the author of Kate: A Biography, previously said Kate always carries a compact mirror, lip balm, blotting paper, and a handkerchief.

The Duchess of Cambridge is known to travel light and is usually seen with a simple clutch bag.

Myka Meir, the founder of Beaumont Etiquette, believes Kate uses the clutch bag as a polite way to avoid interacting with certain people.

She says holding the clutch bag with both hands protects Kate from having to shake hands with everybody she meets.

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