Keef Brands launches cannabinoid-infused water lineup

In 2010, Erik Knutson set out to create drinkable cannabis, beginning with an early concoction of “Keef Cola.” His official taste-tester? His 85-year-old grandmother, Dee.

“Because if an 85-year-old woman who’s never smoked cannabis in her life loves it, then they might just be onto something,” Denver-based beverage company Keef Brands writes on its website.

More than a decade later, the cannabis brand has set out on a new mission, one that incorporates minor cannabinoids and water. The new Life H2O line takes an overall wellness approach in addition to, well, getting high.

Travis Tharp, CEO of Keef Brands, said the “products with THCv, CBG and CBN mark the beginning of a new chapter that goes beyond using the traditional THC active ingredient.”

The flavored beverages are infused with alternative cannabinoids Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCv), Cannabigerol (CBG) and Cannabinol (CBN). The lineup differs from other cannabis beverages, the company says, by focusing on minor cannabinoids.

“I think what we’re seeing over the course of the last few years is really an evolution in both knowledge of the cannabis consumer and use occasions of cannabis consumer,” said Tharp.

As Tharp explained, cannabis plants contain small amounts of THCv, CBG and CBN. However, each has its own beneficial properties.

(Note: Keef Brands Life H2O is not evaluated or regulated by the Food and Drug Administration.)

THCv, like THC, is psychoactive, Tharp said. Most commonly found in Sativa strains, THCv is considered an energizing cannabinoid and has often been used to treat anxiety, depression, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Alzheimer’s disease.

CBG is considered the “mother of cannabinoids” because other cannabinoids are derived from it. According to Verywell Mind, only 1% of CBG is found in cannabis plants and therefore it is considered rare, making it more expensive. CBG is similar to CBD in that its benefit is reducing pain without a psychoactive effect.

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Think aged weed when it comes to CBN. As cannabis sits for long periods of time, even years, THC begins to break down into CBN. (Looks like that cookie jar doesn’t have to go to waste after all.) Having less of a psychoactive effect, CBN is commonly used to help with insomnia.

“I think there are a lot of people in your older demographic who are using THC as a sleep aid. There are others who are using it to feel more balanced or, even more, they’re using it to be focused,” said Tharp.

Keef Life H2O comes in three flavors, blueberry lemon (Indica dominant-based and CBN infused); cranberry lime (Sativa dominant-based and THCv infused); and strawberry kiwi (a CBG-infused hybrid dominant base).

Life H2O is low calorie, made with natural flavors and sweetened with monk fruit and agave.

It can be found in some local dispensaries such as Green Dragon, DANK Dispensary and others. For more information, visit

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