Keep silent now and your poverty will speak for you Zelensky urges Russians oust Putin

Zelensky urges Russians to speak out against Putin

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In a startling warning to Russian nationals, President Zelensky has urged them to protest Putin before they suffer poverty. He said: “The nationals of the Russian federation making their choice as well, right now. This is the time when we can overcome the evil when it’s not too late. Don’t miss your opportunity.

“Colleagues and your relatives should be able to hear you.

“We are Ukrainians and we want peace, Russian nationals.

“This is a fight not just for the people in Ukraine, this is the fight for your freedom, for your life.

“If you stay silent now then in the future only your poverty will speak on your behalf.

“Don’t be silent.”

It comes as Boris Johnson is set to tell international leaders “the world is watching” as he urges them to match rhetoric with action over Russia’s invasion with Ukraine.

The Prime Minister will set out a six-point plan on Sunday, which he hopes global counterparts will accept, as Russian leader Vladimir Putin moved the goalposts over the West’s engagement in the conflict in Ukraine.

Mr Johnson said that “it is not future historians but the people of Ukraine who will be our judge” over how the world reacts to Mr Putin’s “hideous, barbarous assault”.

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Ahead of a swathe of meetings in coming days, Mr Johnson said: “Putin must fail and must be seen to fail in this act of aggression.

“It is not enough to express our support for the rules-based international order – we must defend it against a sustained attempt to rewrite the rules by military force.”

Meanwhile, Defence Secretary Ben Wallace warned the Kremlin not to underestimate the West.

In an interview with The Sunday Telegraph, Mr Wallace said allies “must not be afraid of Putin”.


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“The thing to say to Putin is don’t underestimate us, don’t test us,” he told the newspaper.

“History is littered with authoritarian leaders underestimating the wider West and the United Kingdom. He clearly underestimated the international community.”

He added: “If we stick together and refuse to be intimidated then I believe he will fail.”

Mr Putin warned on Saturday the Kremlin would consider any third-party declaration of a no-fly zone over Ukraine as participation in the conflict.

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