Kids ‘traumatised’ as women lets her dog tear a duck to pieces in park pond

Shocked onlookers say they were left “traumatised” after a woman let her dog tear a duck to pieces in a public park.

A pond in Queen’s Park, Glasgow, is frozen over after overnight temperatures in the area have plunged as low as -8ºC in the past few days.

That left ducks unable to swim as normal and one duck was standing, minding its own business, in the middle of the pond until an unsupervised dog came bounding across the ice and seized the unsuspecting waterfowl in its jaws.

One witness said: "The owner of a dog just allowed her dog to attack and eat a duck alive."

"When the dog caught the duck," she continued, "I asked her again to retrieve her dog and what did she do? She walked in the opposite direction and allowed her dog to eat this poor duck alive."

The traumatised witness told the Daily Record that children saw the whole horrific incident unfold in front of their eyes and said some of them were left in tears by the bloody spectacle.

Eventually a young boy managed to shoo the dog away, but sadly by that point it was too late and the duck was beyond saving.

The eyewitness added: "When the owner was told by many people what was happening, she ignored the situation and sat talking to a group of people.

"People in our community should be more conscious of the people and the wildlife around us, we're lucky to have this.

"I'm actually traumatised from what I've just witnessed and it makes me sad that the owner didn't even attempt to get her dog under control.

"I'm a dog owner and if I was being told my dog was doing something of the sort I would immediately be trying to rectify what was happening.”

Police were called to the scene before they offered advice and assistance to the shaken up locals.

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: "Around 6pm on Sunday, 3 January, police were called to assist a member of the public at Queens Park, Glasgow.

"Officers attended and advice and assistance was given."

Do you think the dog owner should have kept their dog under control in a public park? Or is it just a dog's nature to chase and kill birds, so it can't be helped? Let us know in the comments below.

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