‘Killed in a split second’ Kyiv shows ‘mass grave’ of Russians in b…

Putin's visit to Ukraine 'desperate' show of control says expert

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In a brutal warning to Russia, the Ukrainian military has shared a video of a blown-up hangar full of charred equipment in what it described as a “mass grave.” The video shows Ukrainian soldiers walking through the hangar, in which there are the burnt remains of several military trucks and other vehicles, many of them destroyed beyond recognition, while wreaths were left by Russian troops on the side of the building.  A man wearing a Ukrainian army uniform says in the video that the Russians were “killed in a split second”, adding that the “boots that remained there and burned to the driver’s seat, close to the gas and brake pedals” were still visible. The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine shared the video with a message which read: “You had no reason to come here at all. Think before you go to Ukraine.”


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