Kim Jong-un health update: North Korean leaders weight loss sparks concern

Kim Jong-un: Doctor's take on weight loss revealed by reporter

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North Korea’s infamous dictator, Kim Jong-un, 37, has lost a staggering amount of weight in a short space of time. This has sparked rumours he could be suffering from health problems, but South Korean intelligence officials insist the dictator is healthy. explores the reasons behind his rapid weight loss.

President Kim Jong-un’s health has been a source of great speculation for some time.

Periods of public absence have fuelled reports of multiple health conditions, such as gout and diabetes.

Some even went so far as to suggest the president might have died.

In September rumours were circulating that Kim was using a lookalike to stand in for his public events.

But South Korea’s spy agency has said his weight loss is due to a recent health kick, not due to ill health.

The National Intelligence Service (NIS) told lawmakers on October 28 that Kim has dropped around 44 pounds (20 kilograms) as part of a recent health drive.

NIS, who closely monitor the North Korean dictator, said they used artificial intelligence technology and a super-resolution video to work out his weight loss.

Kim is thought to be around five feet, eight inches tall (170 centimetres).

NIS has calculated he weighed around 140kg in 2019 but has since dropped to around 120kg.

Far from being in ill health, the president’s recent rise in the number of public duties he has been performing would suggest he is on top form.

According to NIS over the past 10 months, the president has been seen conducting public activities for 70 days so far this year.

This marks an increase of 45 percent over the same period last year.

Perhaps this spike in duties has been enabled by his new fitness regime.

Although many countries speculate about the president’s health, to do so within North Korea would be strongly condemned.

Kim Jong-un is viewed by some as a deity and criticising his dictatorship is prohibited.

A North Korea insider told Radio Free Asia that speculating about their leader’s health would be seen as a “reactionary act.”

They added: “This is the first time that authorities have felt the need to officially explain through neighbourhood watch units in every region that the Highest Dignity has no health problems.”

NIS has dismissed the ongoing rumours that a lookalike has stood in for Kim at public appearances.

Lawmaker Kim Byung-kee said these reports were groundless according to their research.

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