Kim Jong-un orders North Koreans indoors as ‘dust from China spreads Covid-19’

King Jong-un has reportedly ordered North Koreans to stay indoors over fears dust from China could spread the deadly coronavirus.

The dictator continues to claim the country has yet to have any cases of Covid-19 despite the ongoing global pandemic

On Wednesday, North Korean state media aired special weather segments warning of a "yellow dust" sweeping across the country on Thursday.

The following morning, the Russian Embassy in Pyongyang stated in a Facebook post that the DPRK’s foreign ministry told diplomatic missions and other international organisations that it “highly recommends” they stay inside and "tightly close" all windows throughout the day.

“As we were told, these measures are due to the fact that Covid-19 can be introduced to the territory of the DPRK along with the ‘yellow dust’ particles,” the embassy wrote.

The embassy also claims that a similar warning was given to Russia’s consulate in Chongjin as well as workers at RasonConTrans, a Russia-DPRK Joint Venture in Rason.

NK News reports that "almost no citizens were seen on the streets of Pyongyang on Thursday".

It claims to have been told by sources within North Korea that the handful of people who went outside wore raincoats, despite no precipitation that day.

Workers at construction sites across the country were also “banned” from laboring outdoors on Thursday, according to Korean Central News Television.

On Thursday morning, the state-run Rodong Sinmun newspaper stressed that anti-epidemic quarantine workers across the country should “clearly recognise the danger of [the] malignant virus entering” North Korea through yellow dust.

The article claimed that research around the world has demonstrated that Covid-19 can be “transmitted through air,” and so North Korea should take the incoming flow of yellow dust seriously.

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