Kim Jong-uns new swagger and atomic mushroom cloud outfit ruthlessly mocked

Kim Jong-un's new style has been mocked by Twitter, with comparisons to an "atomic mushroom cloud".

The North Korean dictator has been described as having a "new swagger" by experts as he ramps up his aggressive behaviour, by conducting at least seven missile tests in two weeks.

For one recent launch he appeared in a white tunic with black slacks, while at another he donned what looked like a khaki safari hat as he peered through mounted binoculars.

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At another event the Supreme Leader wore a brown field jacket as he tried to cover his ears during the launch.

Bruce Klinger, former CIA analyst on North Korea, told CNN that Kim's recent choices in attire is reflective of his military strategy.

"He is showing that he's bold and he's proud and he's involved in this, and that the tactical nuclear weapons programme is his," he said.

As can quite reasonably be expected the Supreme Leader's "bold" style didn't go unnoticed and came in for some supreme roasting on Twitter.

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One Twitter user said: "Dressed as an atomic mushroom cloud?"

While another quipped: "Is he going to open Jurassic Park?"

His style was also described as giving off a "Diane Keaton energy", by one user.

One helpful Twitter user offered a handy tip for the dictator to accessorise by saying: "A string of pearls would really compliment this outfit nicely."

"He's dressed like he's checking-in to the Exotic Marigold Hotel," another observed.

While one said: "Giving a whole new meaning for the 'Supreme' in 'Supreme Leader'."


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