King Charles insane security detail including armed bodyguards and soldiers

Anyone who has watched any royal event on television or gone in person will be familiar with the shady, sunglasses-clad figures shadowing royals at all times.

These are the royal protection officers, senior police officers who are specially trained in the situations which might arise when protecting a public figure.

The exact number of protection officers who guard the royal family is not made public for security reasons, but there are enough to ensure that senior members of the family have 24-hour protection.

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Protection is also extended to less high-ranking royals on special events, though only senior royals such as the King, the Prince of Wales, and the Queen Consort and Duchess of Cambridge have 24-hour protection.

The officers are specially trained to deal with situations that could pose a threat to their VIP's life.

This includes unarmed combat, advanced driving, emergency first aid, as well as being able to read people's body language in a crowd to be able to spot someone who could be a threat.

Officers are also armed with a 9mm Glock 17 pistol, a small weapon that can be easily concealed while they are out on duty.

In addition to this, they are also equipped with a radio and a first aid kit.

Members of the elite group are also required to make detailed plans before any royal engagements, including knowing the location of the nearest hospital.

A number of protection officers are also women, and female protection officers come with their own unique advantages.

This is because a potential threat may not see them for who they are, making the sexist assumption that they are a PA or nanny.

Protection officers have put their lives on the line for their charges, in both 1990 and 1994 attempts were made to assassinate the future king.

This is just the level of protection afforded when royals are out and about, when they're at home at Windsor it extends even further.

Windsor is surrounded by the Windsor Security Zone, and features a small army of protection for the royal residents.

This can include no-fly zones, airport-style security checks, and even tanks on some occasions.

With King Charles III's crowning and coronation now in the planning stages, the royal protection officers will no doubt be considering every aspect of security for the crowning of the new king.


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