King in coronation danger as expert tips Harry and Meghan to overshadow it

The upcoming coronation of King Charles could see an "obvious danger" for him as may be "overshadowed" by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, according to a royal expert.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been invited to the coronation on May 6 and are yet to confirm whether they will take part in the historic day.

But royal expert Daniela Elser has recently claimed the pair could overshadow that historic moment, with the King possibly "equally stuffed" if the duo decide to snub the ceremony.

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Expert Elser claimed the coronation would feel "distinctly hollow" without the pair present at the event in her latest column, and highlighted a key issue for the King.

Writing for New Zealand Herald, Elser claimed the "historic moment" could be overshadowed by the "billions of eyes" that are "watching out for any Sussex/Wales drama".

She wrote: "Every blink, twitch and cough from the Sussexes and the Prince and Princess of Wales will be scrutinised and dissected like satellite photos of Russian troop movements.

"Which is to say, Charles will be in obvious danger of having his august moment overshadowed by his pouty, lip-jutting son and his couture-clad daughter-in-law."

That coronation woe for Charles does not stop there, as Elser claimed the "unifying figure" image of the King could be under fire should the pair not show up.

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She continued: "But … he is equally stuffed if they don’t turn up in London. Their absence inside Westminster Abbey would only really drive home how badly broken things are inside the House of Windsor.

"The sovereign is meant to be a unifying figure. It would make the whole thing ring distinctly hollow. For His Majesty, he is damned if the Sussexes do come, and equally damned if they don't."

It comes as the King finds himself having to make guest list changes due to "health and safety" worries over Westminster Abbey.

An expert speaking to The Daily Star confirmed the guest list changes, which have seen just 2,000 people invited to the event, are due to a mixture of "modernisation" efforts and safety issues at the Abbey.

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