Knows too much Russia panics as ex-Putin ally suddenly taken ill after leaving Moscow

Expert gives opinion on Putin's health after limping video

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Anatoly Chubais is understood to have given the Kremlin leader his first role in the Kremlin in the mid-1990s. He became known as a Russian liberaliser, and was last year appointed special Presidential envoy for sustainable development.

Chubais stepped down from his role and left Moscow in March over the invasion of Ukraine.

At the time, Reuters managed to get him on the phone, but after being asked to comment on what was then his apparent departure, he hung up.

Two sources close to the figure have now told the news agency he is in intensive care.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, one said: “He thinks it’s a disease.

“Doctors say they found it in time.”

Some commentators have speculated that the hospitalisation could have been caused by poisoning.

But the second source did not agree with the suggestion.

They said: “I don’t think it is poisoning.

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“He’s still in intensive care.”

The source added that Chubais’s wife is by his side and that while he cannot walk, he can talk.

Former Ukrainian Minister of Infrastructure Volodymyr Omelyan suggested it was this that would make Chubais a likely target for poisoning in the first place.

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He wrote in a post on Twitter: “Chubais, a longtime ally of Yeltsin who has long remained with Putin and left Russia in March, is hospitalised in critical condition with a rare disease.”

Omelyan added that the former Putin ally “knows too much”.

He warned that the same is true of former Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich, who has been involved in Russo-Ukraine negotiations since the start of the war.

The Ukrainian politician stressed that the “king’s [that is, Putin’s] love is fickle”.

It is unclear where in Europe Chubais has been hospitalised.

The Kremlin said it was saddened by the news and wished the former ally a speedy recovery.

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