Lag knocked me up after seducing me from cell using phone – prison was doddle

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A woman claims a lag jailed for attacking his ex was able to seduce her via Facebook – all from the comfort of his prison cell.

Carrie Bevan says
brazen William Hayward even impregnated her after his release having lured from behind bars using a hidden smartphone

According to Carrie, the devious inmate called and messaged her every night after adding her on Facebook.

This was despite serving a four and a half year sentence after an ex lover jumped from a moving car to escape his abuse.

He was sentenced at Gloucestershire Crown Court on March 20, 2018, after threatening to kill his then partner.

Hayward had denied the charges – including three counts of domestic assault, causing actual bodily harm and two counts of dangerous driving and driving while disqualified.

And Carrie, who has since given birth to his child, claims Hayward’s time in jail was a doddle.

In messages allegedly sent in September 2019 , Hayward told Carrie she was “fit” after saying he was locked up.

Carrie, from Gloucestershire, asked how he had access to Facebook, to which he boasted “u just got to know the right people” before adding a winky face.

Hayward even bragged about having “too many drinks tonight” during his stay at HMP Coldingley.

Now, in an exclusive interview with the Daily Star, Carrie, 30, accused Hayward of “using” her before leaving her pregnant and alone to raise the baby.

She claimed: “I feel angry and ashamed. I want nothing to do with him ever again.

"Maybe the prison was understaffed but the checks were clearly not being done properly.”

Carrie had just endured a tough separation when Hayward wormed his way into her life.

And despite being a convicted criminal, she said he was charming and after a few weeks asked her to be his girlfriend.

She said: “He acted like this really caring and kind person and honestly he really was convincing.

“He even used to send me pictures of houses he wanted to rent with me and he promised he’d be there for me, never leave me or do me wrong…

"Will said he was never going back to jail and he wanted to sort his life out and have kids with me.

“I’ve never been a judgemental person and I wanted to give him a chance, his caring nature really drew me in.

“Although it sounds crazy, he ticked all the boxes for me. He said he was being released soon and I gave him a shot.”

Carrie said he contacted her every evening after 7.30pm.

Apparently, during phone calls, he would “keep his voice low” to avoid being heard by wardens.

Carrie claims she began to develop feelings for him and as such sent him money and clothes.

He was released in January 2020 and Carrie picked up, ready to start a new life.

But the following month, she was pregnant.

She said: “I was thinking I was about to start this nice life but reality hit.

“He had already started fobbing me off and seeing me less and less. I had stuck by him while he was inside and I was angry he was treating me like that.

“I sent him a photo of the pregnancy test and he saw it over Facebook and ignored it. He then switched off his phone.

“That was a massive shock to the system.”

And not long after, Hayward, who has 30 convictions, was back in prison.

He was caught driving while banned before trying to escape the police in a botched getaway attempt.

Hayward, then 33, was jailed again for 16 months after being sentenced at Cardiff Crown Court in May last year.

Carrie said: “I was pregnant and my stress levels were through the roof.

“The pregnancy was horrible and I just felt let down and angry.

“I gave birth last year and although I wouldn’t change it, it has been hard.”

Carrie says she received a text from another woman who claimed to have been seeing Hayward throughout his time in jail.

She also allegedly spoke to his ex-girlfriend to hear the chilling details of the abuse she suffered.

Now Carrie is sharing her story to warn women about prisoners like Hayward with illegal access to the outside world.

She added: “It is not just the women I feel sorry for, it is the children being brought into the world being left high and dry by their fathers.”

A Prison Service spokesperson said: “Our £100m investment in security is helping us stop more contraband getting into prisons than ever before, while those found with mobile phones face extra time behind bars.”

HMP Coldingley has now deployed three police CCTV mobile vehicles around the Surrey prison to deter people from throwing in banned items over the fence.

Increased searches of cells and communal areas are also now taking place.

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