Lags make gun gestures while shooting rap video under the noses of prison guards

A duo of brazen rappers used smuggled phones to shoot a rap video under the noses of prison guards before posting it on YouTube.

The men, in prison at Forest Bank in Salford, Manchester, mouth the words to their track and flash gun signs with guards nowhere to be seen.

The professionally-produced video starts with a message reading: "This music video was filmed on the wings".

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Despite the guards not noticing at the time, the video has now caught prison authorities attention – with the troubled, privately-run prison stating "we constantly review our activity to tackle the issue".

Manchester Evening News reported that the two-minute clip, featuring rappers named L1 Manny and Mazza L20, is 'filmed by all the mandem'.

It includes wide shots of prisoners associating on a wing outside their cells and also a screenshot of a story the M.E.N. published in January last year about a prison officer who brought paper laced with spice into the jail.

One of the rappers is then seen strolling along a corridor outside the cells mouthing the lyrics to the rap and making one of many gun signs.

In another section, inmates can be seen walking around the prison yard.

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One of the lines in the rap states: "Do you know what it's like when you lose hope, seven years straight and you still gotta do sosh."

At the end of the video, viewers are directed to a number of Instagram accounts including one for Manny, which included a picture that appears to show him making another gun sign beside a cell door, surrounded by other inmates.

It was posted on YouTube and so far has had 178,000 views.

In May, the prisons' watchdog slammed the privately run prison which was 'unable to fill its role successfully'. Their report even noted 'an ongoing problem with mice'.

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