Liz Truss love life – first date disaster, raunchy affair and her true love

The UK’s new Prime Minister, Liz Truss, previously had an affair with another MP – but she’s still with her husband to this day.

Truss’ fella, accountant Hugh O'Leary, is understood to have kissed and made up with his wandering wife after her affair which went public in 2006.

Just 30 at the time, she drew fire from party activists in Norfolk, where she would eventually go on to become a member of parliament in 2010, over the affair with a married MP.

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Truss, 47, had an affair with then-MP Mark Field, 57, in an encounter thought to have lasted around 18 months.

Field was the member of parliament for Cities of London and Westminster between 2001 and a 2019.

Their fling was almost scandalous enough to derail Truss's career, four years before she rose to take her South West Norfolk seat.

Truss had been assigned the seat of Hemsworth, in West Yorkshire and had done an excellent job of damaging Labour’s margin there, bringing down its share of the votes from 24,000 to 16,000.

Tory party leadership rated her efforts and wanted to help her win a seat in the future and so assigned her a political mentor – Field.

The affair is understood to have lasted until 2005, having been going on for around a year and a half, the Daily Express reports.

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The Daily Mail broke the story and also broke Field’s 12-year-long marriage, which ended in divorce.

Speaking to the Mail, O’Leary said: “I don’t want to talk about it.”

Politically, Truss was in trouble, having ruffled feathers among many in the Conservative Party.

She was handed a lifeline, however, by then-Tory leader David Cameron who said: "She is an excellent candidate and I very much hope she will be the candidate."

It seems water wouldn’t stick to Liz Truss’s back, because, not only did she get away with it politically, but she is also still with her husband O’Leary to this day.

In an interview with You Magazine in 2019, Liz still wasn’t interested in giving away any juicy details on the racy fling, only offering a simple “I am really happily married” in response to questions about it.

Truss and O’Leary met in 1997 at a Tory Party conference. For a first date, she suggested ice skating, but it didn’t go well.

Speaking to You, she said: “I invited him ice skating and he sprained his ankle.”

Truss married O’Leary, who studied at the London School of Economics, three years after that fateful trip onto the ice.

In 2019, the same year as the You interview, she posted an image on social media with O’Leary, who she has two daughters with saying, “Love of my life.”


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