Love triangle including police officer busted for locker room crime wave

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Three women involved in a complex love triangle are behind a long series of locker room robberies, a court has heard.

Two of the culprits – Barbora Szeligová and Monika Pechočová – stole valuables worth some £16,000 from lockers in exclusive gyms across the Czech Republic.

They used disguises to conceal their identities and tools to pick the locks on other gymgoers’ lockers and steal watches, jewellery and credit cards.

A third defendant, Monika Müllerová, was a police officer at the time of the crimes and helped cover up Szeligová and Pechočová’s involvement.

Giving evidence in Prague’s District Court No.3, Müllerová explained that she had been living with Szeligová until Pechočová started a relationship with her girlfriend.

“I loved her very much. Then I was psychologically exhausted from the fact that she found a new partner,” Müllerová said.

“So I did things that were against the law. I wasn’t aware of the consequences back then. I regret my actions, I wouldn’t have done it now, but I’m not able to turn back time.”

After her involvement in the gym-based crime wave was exposed, reports, Müllerová was fired from the police force.

When questioned, Szeligová admitted: ”I did it purely for the money. No one ever persuaded me to do it.

“I had a dream of a better life, but of course I'm very sorry now. It was a bad decision,” she added.

Müllerová and Szelig were sentenced to 30 months in prison with a suspended sentence of 4 years' probation. The former policewoman has also been banned from working in the security forces for five years.

Because a prior conviction, Pechočová was handed a three year sentence and further five years of probation.

As part of a deal with prosecutors, all three defendants waived their right to appeal.

Some of the stolen valuables were returned to their rightful owners, and the thieves will have to pay financial compensation to their victims.

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