Lucky Brit, 27, wins 3-bedroom house for just £16 in Christmas Eve prize draw

A lucky woman has won a ‘beautiful’ house with a sea view for just £16 after entering a raffle for the property.

Georgie Robinson, 27, found out the good news on Christmas Eve and was so shocked she had to abandon wrapping presents and instead go straight to bed.

She told Chronicle Live: "I bought 16 tickets – I put some on when the raffle first came out, then a month later I thought 'I'll just put on a few more.’

“It was a shock, you just don't imagine that you're going to win do you? Everyone hopes but you never think that it's going to happen.”

Georgie, who was living in Carlisle with her mum before winning the house, had been saving up with her partner to get their own home.

The previous owners are currently in the process of transferring ownership of the property, where Georgie will live completely rent and mortgage free.

She continued: "Winning has been a massive help, I'm in the Navy and I pay a lot travelling around back and forth from home, and it's just been really hard to save – so this is life-changing really."

The three-bedroom house, in South Tyneside, was selflessly raffled off by charitable Adam Thwaites and his wife Liz, to raise money for a Sunderland charity that aims to enrich the lives of disabled kids.

A total of 86,108 tickets were issued as the competition came to a close.

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Adam told the paper he was glad the money could make a difference and added: "Georgie said that when we called her to tell her she had won our home, that 'the shock came over' and that she couldn’t think straight.

"She had planned on wrapping presents that night but had to go straight to bed to let the good news sink in and get over the shock of what had happened.

"She also asked us not to stress about finding somewhere new to live quickly as she’s not going to kick us out."

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