Macron slams super aggressive US Inflation Reduction Act

Rishi Sunak has secured 'rapport' with Macron says expert

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President Emmanuel Macron has shared his concerns over the US Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) with American lawmakers and pushed back against subsidies which are angering Europe. Officials in France confirmed he would confront President Biden over the measures, yet declined to confirm he had used the phrase “super aggressive” during a meeting at the Library of Congress.

The American legislation aims to move the US away from fossil fuels by subsidising green technologies and clean energy produced at home.

However, Europe has raised fears that it will be shut out of the US markets due to preference for American companies and that the law breaks international trade rules.

Presidents Macron and Biden, along with their wives Brigitte and Jill, have already met unofficially ahead of their formal talks on Thursday.

According to Reuters, they rode in the US presidential motorcade a short distance from the White House to the historic area of Georgetown and dined at Italian restaurant Fiola Mare.

Economies in Europe have struggled to rally against Russian sanctions implemented after the invasion of Ukraine in February.

When asked about these concerns White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said the legislation “presents significant opportunities for European firms as well as benefits to EU energy security”.

She added that the IRA has “provisions that will contribute to the growth of the clean energy sector globally”.

In introductory remarks at the Library of Congress President Macron argued that France and the US should unite to reform the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank so that funds can be sent to those worst hit by the effects of climate change.

However, given the Republicans now have control of the House of Representatives, both American parties must now have a say in how to proceed.

President Macron is the first foreign leader to be given a state dinner at the White House under the Biden administration, indicating a strong friendship between the two countries.

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The formal dinner on Thursday will feature music from Jon Batiste, Chardonnay from the Napa Valley and cheddar cheese from a family-run creamery in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, according to details provided by the office of Jill Biden.

The French President also met with Vice President Kamala Harris at NASA headquarters to discuss French-American cooperation against conflict in space.

President Macron said space represents “a new place of conflict”, adding: “We have crazy players in space as well, and we have rogue states there and we have new hybrid attacks.”

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