Make-up artists Halloween horror after contact lens rips layer off her eyeball

A make-up artist has suffered a horror Halloween after the contact lens she used as part of her costume ripped off the outer layer of her eyeball.

Jordyn Oakland dressed up as a “cannibal aesthetician” last Halloween and decided to use contact lenses she had seen advertised on social media.

The 27-year-old said that when taking them out her right eye she felt like it was “stuck” so pulled harder on it, giving her the sensation of a “really bad scratch”.

But the next morning she woke up in “excruciating pain” and could barely open her eye as it was so swollen.

The aesthetician dashed to A&E where she claims she was told the lens had removed the outer layer of her cornea and she could even lose her eyesight.

Two days later Jordyn's eye “miraculously” started to heal but her vision has since “worsened”.

Jordyn, of Seattle, Washington, USA said: "It was very frightening. There was a handful of days where my vision was completely blurry and I couldn't see anything out of my eye. I was afraid that I would become blind in my right eye.”

She added: "We were all hanging out and the contacts started irritating my eye and getting uncomfortable. I tried to grab it how I normally would and it felt like it was stuck and I didn't get the right grab on it.

"So the second time I went in I grabbed it a little bit firmer and took it out of my eye and at that point it was just full of tears and it immediately felt like I had a really bad scratch on my eye.”

Jordyn, who's working towards gaining a Master’s degree, thought she'd just need to 'sleep it off' but when she got up the following day there was no escaping the discomfort in her right eye.

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Jordyn said: "I woke up at 6am and was in excruciating pain. My eye was burning and so swollen I could barely open it at that point.

"The whole drive [to A&E] I was in excruciating pain. It was some of the worst pain I've ever encountered. It feels like a burning, scratching, so much irritation in the eye area.

"He [doctor] looked at my eye and basically said that the outer layer of my cornea looked like it had been completely removed and that's why the pain was so bad.

"He told my boyfriend 'there could be a chance that she could lose eyesight. I'm not going to sugar-coat it, this is really, really bad'."

She added: "I was on pain killers and in bed for a week because of it. It really sucked.

"My vision in my right eye is noticeably worse. If I'm looking at a notepad in front of me with my right eye I can't make out the words.

"After the incident, the one thing that I could potentially deal with is reoccurring erosion. I could maybe wake up one morning and have the exact same thing happen for no apparent reason.”

A spokesperson for Camden Passage, the lens manufacturer, said: "In order to avoid injury, instructions for use must be thoroughly followed. In this case, the consumer did not read the included instructions for use.

"Loox contact lenses are manufactured with the utmost quality and care. Our manufacturing is MDSAP and ISO 13485 certified, one of the highest certifications worldwide for the manufacture of contact lenses.

“A post market review is conducted during our yearly audits, and in the 11 years of being in the contact lens business, we have never had an adverse event.”

A spokesperson for Dolls Kill said: "Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We take the health and safety of our customers very seriously and carefully vet the products and manufacturers that we carry."

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