Man asks if he should have let wife have his food as she did not pay for it

A husband has sparked a debate after refusing to share his breakfast with his wife since she did not pay for it while on holiday together.

The 29-year-old man, who is currently travelling with his partner, also 29, said they both “value their independence” in their relationship.

But taking to Reddit, he asked for people’s opinions on a situation he was recently faced with.

He first explained: “We make around the same money. We keep our finances separate and we each pay half of the rent.”

He then added: “We are currently travelling together in a walkable city and we are living in a hotel. We don’t qualify for the free breakfast.

“So we basically have to buy food from nearby restaurants because the hotel’s restaurants are super expensive.”

He admitted travelling on a “careful budget” due to money being “tight” for the couple.

The man was faced with a dilemma after getting breakfast, saying: “This morning I got up early and went and got a nice but small breakfast burrito for myself. My wife woke up and claimed she’s hungry and wanted to walk to a nearby place to get some food for herself.

“Even when we are at home, we almost never eat breakfast together. The problem is that she demanded I give her a chunk of my breakfast burrito so she could walk outside and get some food for herself.”

He refused to share his “fairly small” burrito as he claimed it would not have been enough for him.

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“She said she needed to eat something in the morning so she doesn’t ‘faint’ during the walk to get her own food, which I completely don’t understand since she only needs to walk a few blocks to find food,” he said.

He only agreed to give her a chunk of his burrito if in return she shared her food with him.

“She called me petty and just walked out,” he said. “And she has been giving me a passive-aggressive attitude since then.”

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In just 18 hours, his post received more than 2,700 comments, with one person saying “this is the saddest thing I’ve read on here in a while.”

Another user questioned whether they really liked each other adding: “I understand separate bank accounts for some things, but not even getting your wife some breakfast when you’re already out? Do you even like her lol?”

The most liked comment reads: “Honestly I don’t understand why the two of you are married and I certainly don’t understand why you wouldn’t pick up something for her when you got your own.”

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