Man attacks partners ex-husband and returns with hammer to finish the job

A man ran up to his partner's ex at a pub and hit him with a pool cue, causing him to suffer a serious laceration to the head.

Wayne McNeil, 41, then returned to the pub with a hammer and struck the victim in the back in an attempt to "finish the job".

CCTV footage played in court shows the victim falling to the ground and "balled up in pain" and McNeil being pulled away by other pub-goers.

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McNeil pleaded guilty to wounding with intent at Hull Crown Court, HullLive reports.

Dale Brook, prosecuting, told the court McNeil's partner's ex-husband was at the bar of the Halfway Hotel on April 9, 2022, talking to two women. Video footage shows the women walking away from the interaction, with one woman seeming upset and reacting in an "animated" manner.

The two women then moved to a table, while the soon-to-be victim stood close by. Shortly afterward, McNeil charged at the victim with a pool cue, smashing it against his head and causing the cue to snap. A fight broke out and the two men moved outside the pub.

The CCTV footage then showed the victim at the bar again, holding a pint and mopping blood off his head. McNeil re-entered the pub with a hammer, grabbed the victim and struck him on the back to 'finish what he started', Mr Brook told the court.

In a victim personal statement, the ex-partner said he was left with a nasty laceration at the back of his head, causing him to suffer headaches.

He also stated the incident had affected his mental health, causing him to experience some degree of anxiety.

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Recorder Anthony Hawks said: "You are 41 years [old], you have previous convictions but none relating to violence. You had the good sense to plead guilty to the offence at the first opportunity.

"You had been drinking when you chose to emerge with a pool cue and strike your partner's ex-husband with a pool cue. You used such force causing the cue to break.

"He sustained a serious laceration to the back of his head, he required stitching. This is not just a case of a drunken brawl, you need to reflect on that. Fortunately, he has made a reasonable recovery."

McNeil was sentenced to four years in prison, of which he will serve two years before being released on license.


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