Man attempted to hire hitman to kill ex-wifes son he allegedly molested

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A man has been jailed for 10 years in prison after attempting to hire a hitman to murder a child he had allegedly abused.

The scheme of Jon Mark Wilson, 58, was uncovered after the hitman – who was a police source – met with the man.

In January 2019, a Missouri State Highway Patrol trooper was told that Wilson “had solicited them to arrange a murder for him”.

It turned out that the potential victim was a child he was already under investigation for allegedly abusing.

However it was later revealed that this was his son with the crimes dating back around 15 years.

A recording of the meeting between the pair shows Wilson claiming that the murder-for-hire scheme was “the only choice I got”.

A week later, a police agent pretended to be an assassin for hire and met with him, and during the meeting, he claimed that the “sodomy” charges were a plot by his ex-wife.

According to local reports, the agent asked: “So what cha you talk, so what cha you want done?”

He replied: “I’m afraid, I want her kid taken out, because he’s the one who’s putting a complaint against me.”

“Okay. So when you mean taken out, you want him?” the agent said.

“Yep,” Wilson says.

“You want him dead?” the agent clarified.

He replied: “Yeah. I don’t know what else to do. I don’t have any other choice. My lawyer’s not give me a whole lotta hope with all this s**t, this 'me too' crap that’s going on.

“I’m hoping she’s unstable enough that once he’s gone she’ll kill herself, is what I’m shooting for.”

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Wilson paid around £1,500 upfront, and promised a further £3,000 to the agent.

He gave photos of the intended victim and proceeded to buy shotgun shells for the agent to use.

Wilson was then arrested after crossing a state border line nearby.

He pleaded guilty to one count of the use of interstate facilities, specifically the use of a cell phone and by crossing state lines, in the commission of a murder for hire.

The two abuse charges are still pending.

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