Man decapitates elderly mum ‘because she wouldn’t give him money for alcohol’

A man allegedly decapitated his elderly mum and ran away with her head after getting in an argument about alcohol.

Police in Telangana, India, say the suspect fought with his 65-year-old mother after she refused to give him any money to buy liquor.

The 45-year-old's older brother had contacted police to report the violent incident in a village in Nagarkurnool district in the early hours of Saturday morning.

He claimed he saw his brother attack their mother in a fit of rage and cut her head off before running from the home, still clutching the head.

Officers headed to the scene and caught the man near a tank.

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They found the severed head of his mother in some bushes where he had hurled it.

A case has been registered and a complaint lodged by the man's older brother, police said.

It's the latest disturbing beheading incident in India in recent months.

October saw not one but two horrifyingly similar decapitations in which two different men in separate parts of the country flew into a rage believing their wives to be unfaithful.

Both husbands then sawed their wives' heads off and carried them through their respective communities

Kinnar Yadav, 40, took his wife Vimla's head to a local police station, while Jurru Sayilu dumped the head of his late wife Amshamma on the doorstep of the man he believed she was having an affair with.

Both men were arrested immediately.

Back in February Akhilesh Rawat was photographed carrying the head of his wife, Rajani, 26, through the village of Bahadurpur, Uttar Pradesh.

He had attacked and decapitated her while the couple were having an argument in their home.

When police arrested Rawat he bizarrely started singing the Indian national anthem, as well as other patriotic chants.

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