Man discovers Tinder date is his dogs former owner after amazing coincidence

An incredible coincidence saw a couple matched on Tinder who turned out to have an adorable connection

Twitter user JimNo revealed the amazing story, saying: "Been chatting to this girl on Tinder for the past few days. Only turns out that I adopted her Labrador a few years ago."

Jim found out about the link with his Tinder date after he told her his dog’s unusual name, and she replied: "Just throwing it out there, my lab was called Onyx too. Weird."

She went on to explain that her family had given Onyx up.

"He was unfortunately put up for adoption in 2018 when I was like 17," she wrote.

"Don’t think I’ve been so upset in my whole life, he was the best."

She added: "If it was my choice definitely wouldn’t have let him go!"

JimNo did a little bit of maths and came to a stunning realisation: "I’ve only had Onyx that long…"

He had picked his black Labrador up at an animal shelter not long after his Tinder match had been forced to give hers up.

When JimNo posted the story, hundreds of other Twitter users begged to hear more and begged for the pair to get married.

Some asked him to take Onyx along when he met the young woman, and to Twitter’s delight, he did.

"Many tears, some great memories and one very happy dog" JimNo wrote, posting a series of images of the adorable pooch meeting its former owner.

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He added: "Onyx, unfortunately, didn’t remember her at first, but you could see that there was something there by the end of it. We’ll see each other regularly too."

One romantic Twitter user responded: "Yaaaas the update we’ve all been waiting for," and another added: "This is actually amazing! Hope it works out."

Another said: "If this isn’t fate, I really don’t know what is."

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