Man ‘dumps 6-month pregnant girlfriend’s body at roadside after strangling her’

Chilling CCTV shows the moment the body of a six-months-pregnant woman is reportedly dumped at a quiet roadside in Queens, NYC, US.

Vanessa Pierre, 29, and her unborn baby girl both died and her boyfriend, Goey Charles, was arrested on suspicion of murder, according to NYPD Chief Rodney Harrison.

In the disturbing footage, shared on Twitter by Chief Harrison, a man allegedly pulls out a large shape from the passenger side of a white sports car.

He appears to move the object next to a small bush, in the footage recorded on October 23.

Then man then runs around the rear to the driver's side, gets in the car, and speeds away from the scene.

"On October 23rd in the confines of the 111th precinct, 29-year-old Vanessa Pierre and her unborn baby were found deceased laying facedown on the sidewalk off of Horace Harding Expressway," Chief Harrison wrote in the tweet.

The police chief also described the alleged dumping of the corpse as a "heinous" act.

Prosecutors allege that Vanessa died from asphyxiation after a physical struggle in which she was strangled, New York Post reports.

Melissa Pierre, Vanessa's sister, told New York Post that the unborn baby was a girl who was going to be named Libby Egypt.

She claimed her sister "never got into altercations with anyone" or raised her voice and, heartbreakingly, said she was "very excited about the baby" and "loved" her boyfriend.

Friends and family held a candlelight vigil for her.

Charles, who reported Vanessa missing on October 26, has been charged with second-degree murder.

He "maintains his innocence", according to his defence lawyer Matt Thomas.

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