Man gets stung 250 times by 1,000 bees trying to free dog from wheelchair

Terrifying video emerged showing a disabled man being attacked by a swarm of 1,000 bees before firefighters had to hose him down with water.

John Fischer, 60, was with his dog, Pippin, when he was on his wheelchair exercise bike in the neighbourhood of Florence, Arizona, US.

As he strolled down the street, he felt something flying close to him and the next second, he was surrounded by a swarm of bees.

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The pensioner had to free Pippin from his wheelchair bike to save him from getting stung.

Street surveillance video shows John crawling on the ground on the pavement and keeping his head down with both hands covering from above.

He tried to swat the angry bees away only to get completely encircled.

A crew of firefighters arrived on the scene and they quickly pulled out a hose to dose water on him as he stayed on the ground.

He was then put on a stretcher and taken to hospital where medical workers gave morphine to him.

Paramedics told John that there were roughly 1,000 bees around him at the time of the attack and he had mostly been stung 250 times.

His dog, Pippin, was left with more than 50 stings.

John later told Arizona Family in an interview: "I tried to get across the street, but I can't see because they are going towards my eyes, and they are all over my face.

"I crawled my way for a period of time to try o get far away from where they were, but they, of course, just followed me.

"I have never experienced anything like this before.

"There was a part of me that wanted to freak out, and there was a part of me that wanted to panic.

"And I knew, from past experience, that that's where you will lose it.

"And you are no longer in control — and that's where you run into more danger."

John was stung on his arms, eyes, mouth, ears, legs and back; and Pippin was in critical condition that appeared to be a "reaction to bee sting toxin".

He set up a crowdfunding page in bids to raise money for Pippin's treatment.


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