Man hanging from Trump Tower speaks out midair about ‘huge nuclear problem’

A protestor filmed dangling from Chicago’s Trump International Hotel and Tower has spoken out for the first time since he requested to speak to US president Donald Trump.

The Asian man, who has not been named, is attached to a rope from the 16th floor balcony of the 98-storey building.

Chicago Police Department officers can be seen attempting to negotiate with the man, who has demanded to speak to President Donald Trump and media.

In a video shared online, the man filmed himself explaining why he had climbed the building in protest.

He said this is a "peaceful protest" and said the "main reason" for the act is because "society is facing a huge problem" in the guise of a nuclear deal.

In the video, the protestor said: "I can protest, I have a right to protest, this is a peaceful protest.

"I’m not doing nothing, I’m not breaking doors, I’m doing nothing what is illegal.

"The main reason I am here is because human society today is facing huge problem, the huge problem is called nuclear deal."

It is believed the man is armed with a knife and threatening cut through the rope if he didn't get access to US President Donald Trump.

An eyewitness, 29, told the Mirror Online: "A man is currently hanging off the side of the tower.

"There are police on top of the tower and in boats on the river.

"Not sure how he got up there but has been there over an hour.

"There are some reports saying he is threatening suicide if he doesn't speak to POTUS."

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Chicago is six hours behind the UK. A SWAT team and Marine Unit are also at the scene, along with firefighters, while police are on the balcony above the man.

It comes after The United Steelworkers beamed a "Biden Harris" sign onto the building, which was built in 2008, on Saturday.

A Chicago Police Department spokesperson said officers were called to the scene at 5.27pm. "CPD, SWAT, and CFD personnel responded to the call of an unknown male threatening suicide and dangling from a rope on the 16th-floor balcony of a residential building/hotel," they said.

"Details are preliminary and subject to change as more information becomes available."

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