Man punched so hard in the face his head breaks brick wall in horrifying video

A video shows a young man being punched in the face so hard that his head breaks through a brick wall.

In the video, a lad can be seen being chased by another man after reportedly crashing into a parked car, reports Liverpool Echo.

He gets out of the car and then runs back to it – seemingly forgetting something in the vehicle before another man catches up to him and throws the powerful punch.

It is believed that the incident took place in Merseyside in the last few weeks, after a car crashed into a parked vehicle outside a house.

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Seconds after the crash, two males appear to get out of the car and try to abandon it.

One man then returns to the car just moments before he gets caught.

The video, taken from the top window of a house showing the two men running, then pans towards the crashed car.

As the young man runs away from the car for a second time, another resident in a blue t-shirt comes out of a house on the street and cuts him off on the footpath.

The force of the punch then throws the male into a garden wall, which crumbles and leaves him lying on the floor beside it.

While the young man tries to get up, the neighbour who is holding his head can be heard screaming "you b*****d, you b*****d" while pointing at him.

He can then be heard shouting at him saying: "F*****g kids, there's f*****g around. Are you kidding me?"

Ultimately, a blue van can be seen parking up next to the two.

The driver grabs the young man, and places him against the van.

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