Man screams in agony with hernia so big he looks nine months pregnant

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A man claims he has been left waiting over a year for an operation to fix a huge hernia that makes him look "nine months pregnant".

Garry Urien, 46, was taken to A&E at Rotherham Hospital in February 2021 "screaming" in agony from stomach pains that turned out to be appendicitis.

But his wife, Julia, claims that it took more than a day before he was operated on.

She told Yorkshire Live: "He was in A&E for more than 24 hours and then they took him for an MRI and that's how they knew he had appendicitis.

"Then they cancelled the operation twice and, the third time they came to cancel the operation again, that's when he collapsed because his appendix had burst."

Garry claims he had to be rushed into emergency surgery and was told that he had been "very lucky" as he had "died in surgery" and was brought back to life by doctors.

But despite the operation to remove his appendix being successful, Garry's bowels had pushed through his abdominal wall – leaving him with a huge hernia after the operation.

Julia, 57, said: "He's an absolute mess.

"This all took place a year ago, 13 months ago, and he's still waiting for his operation. He's having to go to the gym once a week to strengthen his heart and lungs for when they do decide that he can have the operation."

The operation that Garry is waiting for is abdominal wall reconstruction, which can be a very risky surgery.

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But Garry's hernia is so severe that it has left him looking "nine months pregnant", and he is now embarrassed to leave the house because people stare and point, so he is desperate for the surgery.

Julia said: "He looks like he's nine months pregnant, he's absolutely huge. I'm having to go to the second-hand shop and get him big trousers that are at least a 54-inch waist; he used to be a 34-inch waist.

"It's horrendous the scar he's got, and his belly button is now on the side of his belly.

"Garry can't even put his own socks on, I have to do everything for him and I'm not well myself. It's made him depressed, it's proper tore him in two that operation."

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But Julia said that she is furious that his operation, which would remedy the situation, has not been prioritised due to the Covid pandemic.

She said that there is a chance that his hernia could strangulate which would put Garry in a life-threatening situation.

However, Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust confirmed that the coronavirus pandemic has been affecting the allocation of surgeries.

A spokesperson said: "Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, our surgical team have prioritised those in urgent need of surgery and, as we see a reduction in the number of patients being treated for Covid-19, we are working hard to increase our capacity in order to reduce waiting times for patients awaiting procedures.

"We are unable to comment on individual cases."

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