Man survived two months in -20C frozen wasteland after finding 40-year-old food

A man has miraculously managed to survive two months lost in a bear-infested frozen wasteland after stumbling across 40-year-old tinned food.

More incredible still is the fact that it is the second time he has survived such conditions.

Yegor Krivoshapkin, a 45-year-old reindeer herder, was found in the Yakutia region of Siberia, Russia, two weeks after rescuers had given up and presumed him dead.

Temperatures in the icy expanse reach as low as -20C, making it the coldest permanently inhabited place on earth. It is also teaming with brown bears and packs of vicious wolves.

Dad-of-three Yegor was eventually found some 190 miles away from where he was last seen and could not explain how he had vanished back in August.

The food that kept him going had reportedly been dropped in the snow during the Soviet era as an emergency supply for lost reindeer herders.

He was eventually rescued from a tent that had been left equipped with a stove and cooking provisions by another herder, but it still took five days for a helicopter to airlift him to safety.

His relatives had been told to "be realistic", but they refused to give up hope and turned to a clairvoyant, Maria Kupriyanova, for help.

Svetlana, Yegor's sister, explained that the mystic had predicted Yegor would be found on a significant day for the family.

"He was found on my grandson’s birthday. I am so grateful to her. Is it mysticism or reality?" she said.

After being rescued, Yegor was rushed to nearby Batagay Hospital where he is now being treated for frostbite. Doctors have confirmed that he is "able to walk".

He told his sister that he had "lost sense of reality" when he was wandering aimlessly through the frozen wilderness, experiencing "blackouts" and feeling "in oblivion" as he battled the terrifying temperatures.

Shockingly, Yegor had also been presumed dead by rescuers after disappearing into Siberia in July 2019.

Forest fires in the Ust-Yana region had disorientated the herder who was left for dead after a six-week search.

The determined survivor was eventually found 75 miles from where he had last been seen.

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