Maps show exactly how much land Russia has lost in Ukraine over past week

New maps reveal just how much Ukraine forces have pushed back Russian invaders over the past few days.

Fierce resistance from President Volodymyr Zelenskyy's military has not only surprised Vladimir Putin's generals but forced them to retreat from land Russia spent weeks seizing.

The war is sadly far from over yet Ukraine's advances have been enough for two Russian battalion tactical groups to reportedly refuse to fight.

Maps published by the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) illustrate how much of its own ground Ukraine has won back around Kyiv and along its south eastern border.

ISW writers said on Sunday that the troops retreating from Kyiv to Belarus and western Russia will be kept out of action to be assessed along with their equipment for future combat.

The same report claims Russian forces are probably set to fully abandon the east bank of the Dnipro as they withdraw from around Chernihiv to the north and from Brovary to the east.

The ISW said: "Russian troops will likely seek to hold a salient around Konotop and Sumy long enough to allow their forces to complete their retrograde from near Kyiv but will then likely withdraw back to Russia from almost all their positions west of Kharkiv.

"Ukraine has won the Battle of Kyiv. Russian forces are completing their withdrawal, but not in good order. Ukrainian forces are continuing to clear Kyiv Oblast of isolated Russian troops left behind in the retreat, which some Ukrainian officials describe as 'lost orcs.'"

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The Ukrainian General Staff reported on Sunday that soldiers on the opposition are putting their foot down to superiors and refusing to go back into combat.

Ukraine's central organ of the Armed Forces claims that the two battalion tactical groups defied orders to fight after being mobilised from South Ossetia to Donbas less than a week ago.

About 25 soldiers of the Russian 31st Separate Airborne Brigade refused orders to re-enter combat and commanders within the Russian 3rd Motorized Rifle Division have also rejected participation in combat operations, the General Staff claims.

The ISW considers the claims to be legitimate on the back of independent reports of Russian soldiers killing commanders and commanders committing suicide from earlier in the war.

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