Mark Redwine trial: Defense witness says Dylan bled in home before disappearance

Mark Redwine’s 13-year-old son Dylan cut his finger and bled in the living room of his father’s home more than a year before he went missing, Mark Redwine’s ex-girlfriend testified Monday as Redwine’s defense team worked to explain why Dylan’s blood was found in the home after the boy disappeared.

Redwine, 59, is standing trial on charges of second-degree murder and child abuse resulting in Dylan’s death. Dylan disappeared from Redwine’s La Plata County home in November 2012, prompting an extensive search that stretched for months. Some of Dylan’s remains were found in 2013 in rugged terrain on Middle Mountain, not far from Redwine’s home.

Prosecutors have argued that Redwine killed Dylan in a fit of rage; Redwine’s defense team has suggested the boy was killed by a wild animal. Investigators who searched Redwine’s home found traces of blood that likely belonged to Dylan on a couch, under a rug and on a coffee table in the living room, testimony in the murder trial has shown.

On Monday, Karen Alexander, who dated Redwine for several months, testified that she saw Dylan cut his finger while she was visiting the family around Labor Day 2011. She testified that Dylan was cutting meat for dinner when he cut his finger, and that he bled a few drops on the floor of the living room. The bleeding was stopped with a paper towel and a Band-Aid, she said.

On cross examination, she admitted she’d never before mentioned to law enforcement that Dylan had cut his finger, although she was interviewed twice by the FBI in 2012 and 2013 and shared numerous other details about her trip that weekend.

“You never told them either time that Dylan bled in that house, did you?” Sixth Judicial District Attorney Christian Champagne asked her.

“I’m sorry, but it happened,” she testified. “…This was the first time anybody had asked.”

The trial is in its fourth week of testimony, which will continue Tuesday.

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