Meghan and Prince Harry quit royals to become influencers says ex-aide

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry "quit the Royal Family to be social impact influencers," an ex-aide has claimed.

The couple left their role as senior royals at the start of 2020 to forge their own paths.

They have since moved to the USA while they have launched their Archewell Foundation and have a number of ventures in the pipeline.

Catherine St-Laurent, who quit her top role with Harry, 36, and Meghan, 39, after less than a year, said the couple stepped back from the Royal Family to become "talented and creative leaders" instead.

Talking about working for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, told The Cut: "It was an incredible experience. They are incredibly talented and creative leaders.

"I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to do that, to be able to be with them on their journey.

"The time that I spent with them was incredibly fulfilling.

"I think they have the potential to be very influential leaders in the social-impact space."

Ms St-Laurent stepped down as the pair's chief of staff in March, also quitting as chief executive of the Archewell Foundation.

The Canadian-born executive, who lives in Seattle, USA, was headhunted by the couple from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to become their chief of staff.

It has also been reported that she left her role because she was fulfilling "a great many functions" for Harry and Meghan, "not all of which were necessarily in her job spec".

A source told the Telegraph: "I think there was a sense that she was having to fulfil a great many functions for the couple – not all of which were necessarily in her job spec."

The news comes after Harry and Meghan hired a Head of Audio to produce their Archewell podcast after giving Spotify just 35 minutes of content so far for their £18 million deal.

They have taken on producer Rebecca Sanaes to oversee their podcast business, according to Deadline. They also signed a megabucks deal with Netflix.

A spokeswoman for Harry and Meghan has been contacted for comment.

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