Meghan Markle and Harry left royal family ‘hopping mad’ over Royal Sussex brand

The Royal Family were left "hopping mad" when Meghan Markle and Prince Harry trademarked their Sussex Royal brand, a bombshell new book has claimed.

Written by royal expert and bestselling author Robert Lacey, Battle of Brothers claims to offer an unparalleled insider account of tumult and secrecy revealing the untold details of Prince William and Harry’s early closeness then estrangement.

It charts the relationship between Harry with his brother William, including the younger sibling's decision to step away from life as a senior royal.

In January Prince Harry, 36, and wife Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, 39, made the controversial decision to give up their roles as senior working members of the Royal Family in order to live a financially independent lifestyle.

They have since moved to Los Angeles, having spent time living in Canada just before the global coronavirus pandemic took hold.

The book claims Prince William, 38, is believed to have been distraught after Harry and Meghan made their announcement via social media, before telling the family.

It also states that Meghan and Harry decided to trademark Sussex Royal products without the Queen's permission – leaving other members of the royal family furious.

The book, serialised in the Daily Mail, states: "When Harry and Meghan decided to trademark Sussex Royal products without asking the Queen’s permission, the extent of royal fury at Sussex impertinence rose to even higher levels. ‘Hopping’ was a mild description of how mad the family was.

"There was nothing intrinsically taboo about royals selling something in order to generate funds: for decades there had been a highly successful souvenir shop at Buckingham Palace and Prince Charles’ Duchy Originals line of products were generating some £3 million or so a year from a whole range of items, headed by its beloved Duchy Originals oaten digestive biscuits.

"But listed under Sussex Royal’s surprise June 2019 trademark applications were, for example, ‘social care services, namely organising and conducting emotional support groups; counselling services; emotional support services; provision of personal support services to help, care for and support persons in need . . . mentoring and personal care services.’

"Duchy Digestives were one thing – but Sussex Royal personal therapy sessions? It was beyond parody. The starting of any commercial activities by a member of the royal family requires liaison with Buckingham Palace and depends, ultimately, on the approval of the Queen herself."

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