Meghan Markle and Prince Harry told pump out some content to pay for lifestyle

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been urged to "pump out some content" to pay for their lifestyle from their lucrative deals with Netflix and Spotify.

The pair have released only one episode under their Spotify deal and they are yet to release anything for Netflix.

Both companies have recently advertised for producers to help Harry and Meghan make shows.

The former working royals have an outstanding mortgage of $9.5 million (£7 millon) on their home, according to public documents.

Harry and Meghan were warned by the Mail on Sunday's Kate Mansey to work for the upkeep of such an "expensive lifestyle," which includes a Montecito, California-based mansion worth a whopping £11 million.

Mansey, speaking to the Palace Confidential podcast, said: "We've had one episode of the podcast, that's it. We thought we might hear something about it now.

"Perhaps they haven't delivered what maybe some of the TV executives might have expected.

"Yes, they're some reasonably big names but they are going to want 'bang for their buck' as the Americans say and if that's not being delivered, they're going to start looking at the contract.

"There's a mortgage isn't there on that property? I expect they do need to work."

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She continued: "They've got this massive mansion but it’s not all paid for. Their lifestyle is very expensive and if they want to carry on acting like these super-celebrities, they’re going to have to start bringing the money in."

Host Jo Elvin added: "I just think if I was as rolling in cash and living in a mansion as Harry and Meghan are, I would find it very hard to be motivated to do any work.

"They need to pump out some content."

The comments come after royal commentator Omid Scobie claimed the couple were preparing for a "busy period" after a few months of leave.

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Speaking to Good Morning America, Scobie said: "One of the lessons learned by the couple was it's okay to slow down.

"We saw them jump from one big project to the next especially when they moved over to the US but they're on parental leave at the moment, enjoy that important family time from home.

"But we are about to enter a very busy period for the couple when they do return to work."

He added that royal fans will see why the move for Harry and Meghan to the US was "so important to them".

A representative for Harry and Meghan have been contacted for comment.

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