Meghan Markle fans hit back after she uses royal title in book reading

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Fans of Meghan Markle have fiercely defended her after critics accused her of misusing her royal title.

Prince Harry’s wife made a video of herself reading aloud from her children’s book The Bench and introduced herself by saying: "I am Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex."

There was an instant backlash from Meghan’s critics. Twitter user Rita Ahora responded to the video, saying: "And of course she introduces herself as the Duchess of Sussex. She won't let the title go will she?

"I thought the [royal family] were racists. Why keep the link with a racist institution?? Oh, yes! Because it gives you the money, status and access that simply Meghan wouldn't get"

Another Meghan hater, Clara de los Santos, angrily tweeted: "She actually introduces herself as Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex!

"She says, 'Hi and welcome to Brightly Storytime. I’m Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex, and today I’m going to read to you my book called The Bench'."

Clara added: "Have either Catherine or Sophie ever done that? Like, Hey, I’m Catherine/Sophie, The Duchess of Cambridge/Countess of Wessex?"

Another, Jane S, said: "I just struggle to understand why they are living in this country, no longer working members of the royal family but they insist on using the titles…and using them on commercial projects."

But several Sussex fans rallied round to defend the Duchess.

Twitter user 'Call Me Kate' replied: "Not being working members doesn’t mean they aren’t royal. They are still very much royals, Harry is still a prince by blood and Meghan a princess and duchess by marriage."

Another Twitter user, Eva Evans, said: "That’s their names and has nothing to do with whether they're working members of the Royal Family."

"Duchess of Sussex is her title by marriage. It has no geographical boundary and has nothing to do with whether she is a working royal or not. There is also no known restriction on how/when/where this title can be used as you will find with other members of the [Royal Family]," another said.

While a fourth Sussex supporter, Jodi Einsmann, also said that Meghan’s reading was great.

"She did such a wonderful job with the reading," she wrote.

"Relaxing tone and perfect pace and balance."

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