Meghan Markle was ‘along for the ride’ in cemetery visit with Prince Harry

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Pictures of Prince Harry and his wife at a cemetery for war dead show Meghan Markle seems to be "along for the ride".

That's the verdict of Bruce Durham, a psychologist and body language expert, who has studied the shots taken at Los Angeles National Cemetery.

The couple were snapped paying their respects to fallen soldiers on Remembrance Day in the US, after it was reported Harry's request to have his wreath laid by the Cenotaph in the UK was denied.

But, bizarrely, the event was criticised by the likes of Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan, who called it a "distasteful PR stunt".

Speaking to Mirror Online, Mr Durham said it was "an emotional event" for Prince Harry but said his wife's inability to relate to his experience was "not a negative".

His bowed head and furrowed brow showed the Duke "deep in thought", he claimed.

Mr Durham said: "This is a clear sign that a part of the brain called the hippocampus is engaged here as he is recalling his own emotional military memories and experiences while looking at the graves – this is etched on his face.

"Compare this with Meghan's slight head 'bewilderment tilt' – she has no experience of this so, naturally, she is looking at this experience unable to relate to it, which is why the head is tilted.

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"She is more curious than in tune with the event. Again, this is not a negative, more what any wife may feel if accompanying her military partner to such an event."

Mr Durham said the photos showed Harry was clearly moved but said the images revealed more hidden signs. He said: "In the first photo, they're wearing masks with no one else around but have removed them for the rest of the pictures.

"There's no harm in it being for PR, but we need to acknowledge this rather than pretend it wasn't. Meghan does seem to be along for the ride and what I mean by that, and it may be no fault of her own, is that you can see the visit impacts Harry much more than Meghan.

Mr Durham also pointed to how thin the Duchess's heels were as an indication of the "huge amount of effort" she had gone to for the photos.

"You know for a fact those heels are going to be causing chaos the moment she steps on the grass so she has killed herself trying to get into that position so far into the field for that shot," he said.

"Again in that photo you see Harry explaining something specific as his finger is pointing out, her head tilt is present again displaying a lack of understanding (again, not a bad thing, she hasn't served).

"For me, it's an emotional event for Harry. It means something to him, he served for 10 years. For Meghan, she could be filling her role as the supportive partner but the only thing I would question – those heels."

The couple laid flowers on the grave of a man who had served in the Royal Canadian Artillery and placed another tribute on a grave of a member of the Royal Australian Air Force.

They wore face masks to the cemetery, only removing them when they were alone. The Duke also wore a number of medals, including his Queen's Golden Jubilee medal, 2002, his 2008 Afghanistan Operational Service medal and his Queen's Diamond Jubilee medal from 2012.

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