Meghan slammed for telling first car story but forgetting Finding Freedom talk

Meghan Markle was criticised for giving a "disgraceful interview" for going over minute details of a story from 16 years ago about her old car – when she recently claimed she forgot her brief with an aide about a biography, an expert said.

The Duchess of Sussex appeared as a guest on Ellen DeGeneres' talk show on Thursday (November 18) and even carried out a prank on stallholders outside the studio.

GB News presenter Colin Brazier discussed the highly-anticipated interview with royal biographer Angela Levin and asked: "Is the Royal institution, is the Monarchy made a mockery of by association?"

The expert – who has previously written an autobiography of Prince Harry – said the interview was "one of the worst I've ever seen in my life".

She said: "Her telling in minute detail about a car that broke down when she was trying to get acting jobs and she had to crawl through the back.

"She went into amazing details, well this happened about 16 years ago when she was very young.

"And that struck me that how come she could remember that in great detail but she can't remember talking to an aide of a very serious matter over several months about Finding Freedom, which was very important to her and very important to Harry."

She went on and explained that Meghan has a lot of "cameos".

"We see it all the time – one minute she is very depressing, the next minute she is very jolly, next minute she is a guru and so on. She's got a whole range of them, that's fine. She is an actress, she can do that," Angela added.

"But this one let her down… you can't any respect when you have somebody behaves like that."

Another expert also dissected Meghan's performance in the interview and found her appearing "at ease" and "in control" of the moment.

Columnist Richard Eden added: "It did seem like a real return to showbiz, I felt. Talking about how she’d audition for things and very much about her and her story."

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