Meghans birthday blanking from royals has sting in the tail, says expert

A royal expert has claimed that the absence of a birthday message to Meghan from the Royal Family's official Twitter account has a ‘sting in its tail.’

Writing, Daniela Elser has made her own conclusion about the message behind the lack of a birthday wish from the official @royalfamily handle, suggesting the Queen is not afraid to give her grandson's wife the 'cold-shoulder'.

The Queen, 96, normally sends a birthday message over Twitter to members of the family consistently and regularly, but granddaughter-in-law Meghan has received the first-ever royal birthday snub for her 41st birthday.

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Last year, even when the infamous Oprah Winfrey interview was fresher in the memory, Meghan got a birthday message from the royal account.

Elser thinks that the big change could be caused by the upcoming memoir from Harry, thought to be hitting the shelves in October this year.

She claimed that, while the Queen is unlikely to be attacked in the book there has been some speculation about what it could entail for the the likes of Prince Charles, Camilla and his brother Prince William.

Elser claimed that Camilla in particular could well be the focus of some frustration in the book.

She said: "“Since the beginning of the year, there has been nearly continuous reporting claiming that Harry may well target his stepmother.”

However, the exact reason for the snub is not yet known.

The Express’ royal correspondent, Richard Palmer, has claimed that there may well be an alternative meaning behind the lack of message, one that is far less personal.

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He believes that a new royal policy means that @royalfamily, “will only mark the birthdays of non-working members of the family when they end in a zero".

With Princess Beatrice’s 34th birthday today (August 8), it will be interesting to see if she receives a birthday message.

At the time of writing, no tweet has been posted, but Elser says that even if this is the case the fact that the family chose to introduce the policy for Meghan’s birthday is “seriously eyebrow-raising.”

She said: "The bottom line is that no matter why @royalfamily decided to give Meghan the brush-off, being the first non-working member of the House of Windsor to come in for a regal blanking on their birthday, has some serious sting in the tail.

"If Her Majesty had been concerned that cold-shouldering the LA native might inflame tensions, or wanted to keep the peace with the fractious Sussexes, surely the palace would have waited to roll this new social media approach until after the Duchess’ birthday."

A spokesperson for Buckingham Palace has been contacted for comment.


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