Melania Trump’s fiery jibe at husband’s critics: ‘We’re proud in Europe!’

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The First Lady of the United States (FLOTUS) recently sparked backlash on Twitter after celebrating “hard working” Americans on Labor Day. Users quickly responded by asking what exactly it is that the First Lady does. Labor Day celebrates the American labour movement and workers contributions to the US.

Thanking workers for their efforts during the coronavirus pandemic, Melania wrote: “This Labor Day, we recognise & celebrate the hard working American workforce.Thank you for all you have done to keep our country moving, even in the most unprecedented times.”

With the US election just over 50 days away, the response of many users suggested discontent with the incumbent First Lady.

One replied: “What work did you do exactly?” while another said: “No one in this family has ever known a hard day’s work.”

It isn’t the first time Melania has been subject to criticism.

During Mr Trump’s campaign trail 2016, the New York Post revisited Melania’s naked photoshoot with Max Magazine in 1996, with many going on to use it as a means to attack both her and the then-prospective president, Donald Trump.

She gave those critics a stinging message during a 2016 CNN interview, and said she was “proud” of the photoshoot.

Talking about what she viewed as unfair coverage of herself by the media, she said: “From the beginning, I never had one correct story – one honest story published about me.

“The New York Post, two days in a row, put me on the cover with the pictures I did many years ago as a model.

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“I’m very proud I did those pictures.

“I’m not ashamed of my body.

“I feel very comfortable with myself and with my body.

“They were taken for a French magazine and in Europe we are proud of our bodies – no matter what size you are.


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“It was done as art, as a celebration of the female body.”

On November 3, Melania will find out whether she will remain FLOTUS.

Mr Trump is up against the Democrats’ Joe Biden and a handful of other nominees such as the Green’s Howie Hawkins, the Libertarian’s Jo Jorgensen.

Melania backed her husband’s cause recently during the Republican Party’s convention, delivering an impassioned speech praising Trump’s work.

She said: “I want to acknowledge that since March our lives have changed drastically — the invisible enemy, COVID-19 swept throughout our country.

“Donald will not rest until he has done all he can to take care of everyone impacted by this terrible pandemic.”

She refrained from using her speech to “attack the other side”, and pleaded with American voters for “civility”.

However, she drew much criticism from Democrat pundits with Tom Nichols, senior adviser for the anti-Trump Republican group Project Lincoln, savaging the first lady’s address.

He said: “This is a Seinfeld speech. It’s about nothing.

“It’s certainly not about Donald Trump, other than Melania saying that she’s ‘always admired’ Donald’s commitment to his country – shya, I’m sure – and then a segue into ‘which is why I launched Be Best.’”

Mehdi Hasa, Al Jazeera presenter, also chipped in, and added: “Melania just said Trump welcomes differences of opinion. I’m dead.”

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