Men eat 30kg of cheap mandarins at airport to avoid paying hefty £34 baggage fee

This is the hilarious moment a group of men eat 30kg of mandarins in one go to avoid paying a £34 baggage fee before they board a flight.

Mr Wang and three of his colleagues attended a business trip in Kunming, Yunnan province in southern China and spent 50 yuan (£5.67) to buy a box of 30kg mandarins.

When they arrived the Changsui International Airport and asked to check in, they were told to pay a baggage fee of 300 yuan (£34) for the box of citrus fruit.

After taking careful consideration, the group decided to eat all the mandarins before boarding the plane.

Viral video shared on Chinese social media shows Mr Wang and others peeling the oranges at speed and shoving them in the mouth one by one at speed.

The group ate all the mandarins within 30 minutes and saved paying the additional fee.

Mr Wang told Shenyang TV channel: "We paid £5.67 for the mandarins but the baggage fee costs £34. It's just not worth doing it, you know.

"So we were saying, 'why don't we just eat them all?' The next minute we opened the box and started peeling the mandarins."

Despite the incident left them keeping £34 in their pockets, Mr Wang said they all suffered from blisters around their mouths.

"Our lips burn so badly a few days later," he added. "I don't think I will have any mandarins for the rest of my life."

Viewers called them out for being "stupid". One suggested: "Four guys and a box of 30kg mandarins. Can't they split them into four so they don't have to pay for the extra baggage fee?"

Another wrote: "You can always share it to other passengers in the airport."

A third said: "Mandarins are everywhere in China. Why bother to make all the fuss for some cheap fruits?"

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