Men told to ‘pee from 8ft away in ridiculous social distancing measures’

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A man couldn't believe he was told to 'keep his distance' at a row of urinals in the gents' loos.

The sign on the floor of the toilets, based in an office space in Paddington, London, asked men to follow the rules – at eight feet away.

The man said it was 'the most ridiculous social distancing measures yet '.

Alastair Hilton joked that he opted to use the cubicle instead as he wasn't sure he'd be able to hit the target from such a distance.

While in the toilet cubicle he saw another sign telling him to 'close the lid before flushing' for his own safety.

Speaking about the sign, he said: "This took social distancing to the nth degree. It’s definitely the most ridiculous measure I’ve seen so far.

"It’s beautifully done. They’ve spent some money printing this sticker and it must be 8ft across or something. I just thought it was hilarious.

"Each toilet that you go into now, you are assaulted by something weird and wonderful. You used to go in and there was a toilet.

"Now you’ve got social distancing or every other urinal blocked off, and you don’t know what you’re going to be met with. This was a fancy toilet with a ridiculous social distancing thing.

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"I used one of the cubicles and that had a funny sticker in it telling me to put the lid down for my own safety. I had a good laugh looking at that as well.

"Everybody that runs an office has got all their boxes to tick and they’re doing it in all seriousness, but when you come to these places, you think, “This is a bit bonkers”.

"The whole toilet sums up the UK’s reaction to all of this. It’s taking it tongue-in-cheek. It’s an absolute classic.

"I don’t think I’d manage to hit the target from there. You’d need a mop afterwards, a reckon.

"If you obeyed that rule you’d need to increase the number of cleaners or put a sticker on the front door saying ‘flood risk’."

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