‘Mermaid skeleton’ mystery as remains wash up on shore – and nobody can explain

A mum was left baffled after she discovered a “mermaid skeleton” washed up on a beach in Merseyside this week.

Kirsty Jones was about to sit down to enjoy a picnic with her partner, kids and another family on June 1.

But just as they were about to tuck in, the bewildered group spotted the creature on the sand.

A picture shows the bones left on Hightown beach, in the disturbing shape of the mythical sea legend.

Kirsty toldthe Liverpool ECHO: "We found this while walking along the beach and would really like to know if anybody knows what it is.

"My initial words to my children were 'this looks like a mermaid'. It had a fish-like tail.

"We had just gone for a picnic when we came across it, and we are very curious to find out what creature it may be."

Authorities have been left just as confused as the family and are unable to identify for sure what the body is.

But Sefton Council said it was “not uncommon” for fish species to wash up on the shorelines.

Last week, a separate bewildered beach-goer found a different “beautiful creature” in the area.

Veronica Parratt took to Facebook for help to work out what the beast was.

Luckily, the council and community identified it as a harbour porpoise washed up because of the high tides.

But Kirsty’s discovery remains a mystery and has sparked a debate online.

One internet user quipped: “It’s probably my little mermaid out of a job”.

Another pointed out: ”If it was (real) the CIA, FBI, Homeland Security, Interpol, MI5 and Shield would be all over it”.

Someone else joked: “It was put there on porpoise!! Ba dum tsh”.

As of yet, the true identity of Kirsty’s “mermaid skeleton” remains a puzzle.

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