Met Office fears Storm Mathis will rip through UK as 70mph winds causes havoc

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    Storm Mathis is set to bring gusts of up to 70moh to Britain on Friday (March 31) as the cyclonic low pressure system reaches the UK.

    The storm, named by the French Met Office, has been working its way across northern Europe and has the potential to cause "structural damage to buildings".

    While France is set to experience the worst of the conditions, the tail end is expected to cause a fresh wave of weather chaos for Britain.

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    The Met Office has issued a weather warning for much of the south-west, with thunderstorms and flash flooding possible overnight.

    Senior meteorologist for British Weather Services Jim Dale said that Cornwall and Devon were likely to see the worst of the weather.

    He told "It is from an Atlantic origin and it's a fairly deep area of low pressure which will come across the Bristol Channel before it heads east to East Anglia.

    “It will have potential to affect southern Wales.

    "On higher ground, expect 50 to 60mph gusts, that's where we are. It's capable of causing some structural damage."

    The Met Office's weather warnings for the south-west warn of dangerous driving conditions, delays to public transport, and issues for high sided vehicles on exposed roads and bridges.

    The warning lasts until midday on Friday.

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    However, Mr Dale said there's a chance that the south-eastern counties may cop the last of it on Saturday morning (April 1).

    He added: "There could be up to 30 to 35mm of rain, and the problem is that comes in rather fast, and it has venom attached to it – thunder, potentially flash flooding."

    The Met Office warning continues: "A deep area of low pressure is expected to move eastwards across southern Britain during Thursday evening and Friday morning, bringing spells of strong southerly winds, then a lull, followed by strong west or north-westerly winds.

    "There is uncertainty over the track and depth of the low and this affects how strong the wind will be.

    "It is likely that coastal areas will see 50-60 mph gusts, with a low probability of 70 mph over exposed hills and headlands with winds probably peaking after they veer west or northwesterly.

    "This could lead to some disruption in places. Along with the strong winds, we will also see heavy rain overnight clearing as the low progresses eastwards."

    While the south-west will bear the worst of the stormy conditions, parts of northern France are under amber weather warnings.

    Temperatures are expected to start improving in the run-up to Easter.


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