Met Office says rain storm lasting 24 hours will hit with four inches falling

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    The Met Office has confirmed that an immense rainstorm is set to take hold of the UK for 24 hours.

    The latter weeks of January and the beginning of February has been witness to freezing cold temperatures and snow storms in just some of the unsettled weather conditions the UK has experienced of late.

    The forecaster at the national weather service had warned that following the recent dip in temperatures "changeable weather conditions are likely to bring rainfall, heavy at times, to the north and west".

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    The massive rain storm is expected to batter the UK on Thursday (February 2), as up to 100mm of rainfall could potentially fall in some areas.

    Areas in North West Scotland as well as the far north are set to face heavy rain.

    Met Office meteorologist Dan Stroud said: “Occasional rain today (Thursday, February 2) will become more widespread across northern Britain, perhaps with 5-15mm (falling) quite widely.

    “However some hills and mountains may see 25-50mm.

    “A further pulse of rain is expected, again this mainly affecting North West Scotland, perhaps giving an additional 100mm by the end of the day on Thursday over hills and mountains."

    He continued: “Beyond that high pressure is set to becoming more dominate, with high pressure over the UK or eventually to the east.

    “However the wettest conditions (are) always reserved for the far north and west as we move into the first week of February.”

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    The sheer amount of rainfall expected to drop means that there's a realistic chance of flooding which has prompted flood alerts in 19 areas to be issued across the country.

    Alongside the rainstorm, gusts could reach 80mph in northern Scotland.


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