Millionaire who won Lotto 5 times in a year confesses how money ruined his life

A millionaire who made his fortune scooping the lottery five times in three months says the windfall ruined his life.

Carlo Massetti, 47, revealed he has spent time in prison, suffered with mental illness, split with his long-term girlfriend and lost several close friends since becoming rich nine years ago.

Originally from New Zealand, the former undertaker, who now lives in Sydney, said his luck ran out soon after the money began rolling in.

He appeared in court in 2018 after ex-lover Danielle Prebble accused him of assaulting her after the collapse of their five-year relationship.

However the case was thrown out after Prebble, 30, failed to show up to the hearing. She later told police she had since moved back to her native New Zealand.

"I have been to hell and back. It's turned my life upside down. I have never felt so embarrassed and humiliated," Massetti told the New Zealand Herald.

"The charges were thrown out of court but it has destroyed my life. As a result, I have been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and severe depression."

Massetti spent time in prison on remand after being charged with domestic violence, where he claims he was targeted by inmates because they thought he was a "rich p****".

"I was treated like a dog and had a hell of a time in protective custody," he said.

"It's made me a nervous wreck. I don't believe police understand that with my mental health issues I can come across as arrogant and rude. I can't help it, it's part of my bipolar condition."

Massetti, who has been married twice before, scooped a total of AUS$2.5million (£1.4m), including AUS$1million (£561,000) in May 2012, AUS$1.47m (£824,000) just five days later and another AUS$48,000 (£27,000) in a Powerball draw soon after.

The hat trick of wins come after two other smaller wins months earlier.

But Massetti said his newfound wealth had put a strain on his friendships.

"Every man and his dog wanted money from me," he said.

"I didn't shout my friends a drink or give them one single cent, that was my choice. They were obviously annoyed and disappointed. But I said 'if you don't respect that, don't be my friend and lose my number'."

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