Miracle boys, 6 and 8, steer car to safety after dad fatally shot at the wheel

Two boys aged just six and eight were forced to steer their moving car to safety after their dad was fatally shot whilst driving.

The young kids thought a rock had hit the windscreen upon first hearing the loud bang – but quickly realised the full extent of the horror when their father slumped lifeless over the steering wheel.

As the car powered on down the East Freeway in Houston, Texas, the quick-thinking youngsters were forced to grab control themselves.

They frantically grabbed the wheel and steered the SUV for around a mile, where they exited the feeder road and came to a stop, reports ABC.

After getting out, the distraught pair ran for help and a lady who noticed them panicking rang the authorities.

Cops praised the boys for their bravery in taking control of the car and warned that it could have been a lot worse if it had spiralled out of control.

One officer said it was a “miracle” the kids escaped unharmed.

Their dad, an unnamed 29-year-old, was instantly killed by the bullet.

Police investigating the tragedy haven’t confirmed the reason behind the killing.

It remains unknown whether the incident was a targeted attack or a furious fellow driver in a spontaneous act.

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There was no word on a description of the shooter or their vehicle.

Lt. R. Willkens with the Houston police department said: "We don't know if it was road rage or if it was someone actually trying to get these individuals.

"So, prayers for their family. The kids are safe right now."

The shooting was at least the third violent incident involving gunfire in the city in a 12-hour period, although none of the incidents are thought to be related.

It’s the latest in a wave of American gun crime and it comes after at least 10 people – including a 72-year-old – were injured from a mass shooting in New York.

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