Mob hitman went on nightclub shooting frenzy – then saw dead bodies in his sleep

A notorious mob hitman has opened up about a bloody nightclub shooting that saw him shoot four people, and revealed that his life of crime left him suffering from PTSD.

John Alite is a former member of the Gambino Family, a notorious crime group who dominated the seedy New York underworld in the 1970s and 80s.

The group’s members were notorious for their hardline tactics, with one boss John Gotti even reportedly killing people who turned up late.

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Now, speaking on the Soft White Underbelly podcast, John addressed his criminal actions with the family and explained how while carrying out his violent duties, he liked to harm people in public places, as a sharp reminder that the mob weren’t afraid of who saw their violence.

Giving one example, the hitman described a time in the 80s, when nightclub staff had ignored the Gambino family’s threats not to go to work amid a union dispute.

Carrying three different guns, John pulled up at the New York club, and havoc quickly ensued.

“When we pull up to the bar, one of the head managers is there, and as soon as I see him I say, ‘come here’ and my guy without asking me went to swing at him, but when he went to swing at him I’d already shot him in the stomach,” he recalled.

“After I shot him, one of the bouncers came out to react to the shooting, not realising that he’s going to get shot. Him I just hip shot; I believe I shot him in one of the sides of his hip and when he went down I shot him in the leg.

“Then I continued and I went inside the bar, and I found two other guys that I warned not to come in. One was some sort of manager and he went to hit me and my guy went to hit him, then I shot him.”

And after chasing down the fourth man who had been attempting a hasty escape, John stressed that he had been in no rush to flee the scene, and wanted to make it known that he had been the one to cause the violence.

“I wanted them to know that I came there, and I’m not worried about anybody, not even law enforcement,” he observed.

In fact, emulating a scene from a Hollywood movie, John claimed that he had even told the bar tender to pour him a stiff drink, which he enjoyed before walking out of the nightclub and informing the police that the shooter was still inside.

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However, while John may have felt untouchable in his pomp, he admitted that his violent lifestyle eventually caught up with him.

He confessed: “As the years went on and I’m killing and I’m shooting, I’m batting and stabbing, it’s taking a mental effect on me, something that I really don’t realise.

“You realise, ‘I can’t sleep at night’, I start seeing some of these dead bodies. All the violence, all the shooting, all the stabbing starts taking a mental effect on you, and then you end up with what I have, PTSD.”

After serving five years in prison for his crimes, John has renounced organised crime, and uses his motivational speaking skills to host a podcast where he hopes to advocate against a life of crime.


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