Mob smashes cars and hits people with sticks after woman rejects thugs proposal

Shocking footage has shown the moment that a violent mob in India stormed the home of a 24-year-old woman who rejected a man's proposal before kidnapping her.

Vaishali Reddy's parents allege that around 100 youths stormed their family home in Telangana on Friday (December 9) and vandalised the residence before abducting Vaishali in broad daylight.

They have accused a man named Naveen Reddy of leading the mob, claiming that he had been harassing their daughter to marry him for months and kidnapped her on the day she was set to get engaged to another man.

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In a horrifying viral video, the aggressive group could be seen hitting people with sticks and smashing up cars.

Telangana police arrested 32 people within hours of the kidnapping and Vaishali, a dentist, was also safely rescued later that evening, Vice World News reports.

But Naveen Reddy, the owner of the tea franchise Mr Tea, remained at large for several days.

Local news agencies now report that he has been arrested by police after being found in Goa and charged with trespassing, kidnap, theft and rioting.

Prior to his arrest, Naveen released a video of himself addressing the allegations against him, he said: “I was not able to surrender due to some health issues. What happened was a mistake and I confess.

"But there is so much pain behind all of this. All the stories woven by the family; it is because of them that I committed this mistake."

Police have said that the incident was preplanned and part of an increasing trend of "crimes of passion", which they classify as "jilted lover syndrome".

The misogynistic crimes against women are on the rise in India, with data from the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) showing that they have increased 26.35% over the past six years, with most of these crimes consisting of kidnappings, abductions, rapes and domestic violence.

Naveen is reported to have met Vaishali at badminton school, before proposing to her two months later.

She rejected him but police have said that Naveen claims to be married to her and that the abduction was to prevent her from getting engaged to another man.

However, Vaishali denies this claim, she told media outside her home: “On the day he is claiming the marriage took place, I was under treatment at Army dental hospital.

"He made me the nominee in car insurance. I have nothing to do with this. I have not signed any papers."

She also accused Naveen of physically assaulting her, claiming that he beat her in a car after kidnapping her and threatened to kill her parents if she didn't marry him.

Police have reassured local residents that they intend to crack down on the criminals responsible.

"We will leave no stone unturned until the case is taken to a logical conclusion by collecting strong scientific and direct evidence.

"We assure the citizens that all such anti-social elements, who breach the law and order, will be cracked down with stern legal action,” said Rachakonda Police Commissioner Mahesh Bhagwath.

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