Models join the masses fleeing to find safety

Ukraine: TV presenter Martin Roberts heads to Polish border

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They reluctantly left their families behind and arrived together in the safety of Zahony, on the Hungarian border, on Saturday. Both are on the books of professional modelling agencies and have more than 5,000 Instagram followers. Now, with just a small bag of clothes each, Alexandra, 20, from Kharkiv, and Iryna, 15, from Kyiv, caught an onward train to Budapest to meet friends.

Iryna said: “We are worried for our families but we hope they will be OK. My father is 40 so he cannot leave and my mother does not want to leave without him.

“We are models, so we were hoping to move to Korea to work there. We have to apply for a visa at the Korean Embassy.”

Alexandra added: “Where we were staying, everything is calm at the moment. But we don’t think it is going to stay that way.”

Up to 12,000 people have been fleeing into Hungary every day and more than 245,000 had crossed the border by yesterday.

But hundreds of Ukrainians are heading back after being stranded abroad when the Kremlin’s tanks stormed in and flights were stopped.

Businessman Alexii Mikhailov, 45, from Kyiv, was separated from his wife and two children after being caught in Spain.

Catching a train to Chop, western Ukraine, he said: “I am going back and will probably join military service.”

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