Moment Brit women thrown to the ground by bouncers outside Marbella nightclub

A shocking video circulating on Twitter has captured the momenta group of burly bouncers appeared to violently assault a young woman to the ground outside a Marbella bar.

The glamorous revellers were standing in front of Lemmon, a nightclub in the Spanish resort town popular among Brit holidaymakers, as they rowed with door staff.

But scenes quickly escalate as one tourist draped in a pink dress, is seen flapping her arms towards the large man after he violently pushed her.

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During the hideous assault, the women desperately tried to cover themselves as their outfits slipped up during the ruckus.

Another holidaymaker was seen trying to stop her white dress from hiking up as a bouncer lifts her up and moves her away from the bar -as onlookers watched on in horror.

One of the security guards moves back into the shot before knocking the woman in a pink dress to the ground.

He then picks both her and a friend up before carrying them away, the MailOnline reports.

Meanwhile, another woman can be heard shouting: "What the f*** are you doing?" before being hit in the face.

The pink-dressed tourist is thrown back on the floor before the whole group pulled themselves together and marched back towards the entrance of the bar where the doormen stand guard.

They can be heard asking why the door staff have acted so violently with them

One of the raging bouncers then whips his belt from its loop before bringing it down against a metal pole.

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He lifts it above his head, clearly threatening the women who were standing in front of him.

It isn't until a colleague intervenes and warns him to back off that he stops.

The clip ends with the women being moved away from the venue.

It's currently unknown how the brawl began.

The Daily Star has approached Lemmon bar for comment.


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